Developed Design – Muloobinba


This post is a little late as Developed Design was few weeks ago and my design has changed again since then, so I won’t dwell on this too much, but simply post it here as a record.

The biggest change going into this assignment was the decision that the proposed facility should move away from being something akin to a traditional school catering for large numbers of permanent students. The idea was to return to my research at the start of the year which looked into the educational model of the short term intensive workshop.  Although these wouldn’t be centered on architecture, there are some great examples within our field, such as ‘Rural Studio’, ‘Ghost’, AA School’s ‘Design & Make’, and the Glenn Murcutt Masterclass. In response to this, my brief would focus on becoming a specialized facility for hosting events such as these, including accommodation, recreational spaces, exhibition spaces etc.  In this way the design would re-purpose the unused floating dock as a kind of innovation incubator for the post-industrial city of Newcastle.

For this submission we were required to focus on a smaller area of our design to develop in more detail, so I chose to develop the newly added accommodation. I provided 36 beds for attendees (for which Murcutt’s scheme at Riversdale was a big precedent – a model that seemed hard to beat) and a further 5 studio apartments for tutors and artists in residence etc. within the overall diagram established in last semesters schematic presentation.

Drawings below:







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